What are the maximum energy consumption values for Energy meters and Energy Managers/ E-controllers?

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Where is the counting limit for Energy meters and Energy Managers/ E-controllers?

What happens when they reach the limit?


The maximum energy consumption value for all counters is 9’999’999.
When a counter reaches this value, it will start counting with 0.

In the Energy Manager and in the E-Controller, the
energy consumption value is handled in the firmware.
In runtime, the firmware detects only negative values.
A lower positive value is only detected during a reboot.
In this case, a counter change message appears.
Now you have two possibilities:
You can do a manually reset of the counter value to 0.
That means you have to reject the proposed action on the user interface of the device. 
=> A new file is created with a higher index by the firmware.
The history bar charts are lost and the visualization starts to redraw from the current day.

The second possibility is to accept the appeared proposal from firmware.
=> The history bar charts stays, but the values on the counter and on the user interface aren’t the same anymore.

Anyway the firmware counts internally with floating point values.




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PCD7 / D4xxE (Energy Manager)

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