Summer/winter time change with HVC 8 and SNTP Time zone

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When the winter / summer time changed has been configured in Heavac Init Fbox and/or in the Device configurator of PG5 with SNTP time zone, also depending of the IP connection it can happen that the summer/winter time change doesn't work or is performed with 2 hours (instead of 1 hour)!


In order to avoid these problems the Heavac Lib has been modified.
It solves the problem of double summer-winter time changes if the summer/winter time change is defined in the ‘Heavac Init' FBox as also a timezone is defined in the Device Configurator.

On NT-Systems, since FW version 1.14.00 it's possible to configure a time zone in the device configurator of PG5 which does include the summer-wintertime change.
To avoid the clock time to skip 2 hours instead of 1 you should not activate the summer-wintertime change in the ‘Heavac Init' FBox if you have defined a time zone in the Device Configurator of PG5.
Otherwise both, the ‘Heavac Init' FBox and the device configurator settings does change the time for 1 hour which lead to the situation that the time new time is 1 hour to early/ to late.

The Summer/Winter indication returned by the FBox ‘Clock-Read' will not be updated in this case.

Since Heavac library version $2.7.150 and PCD FW version 1.20.00 the configuration of the time zone is automatically checked from the PCD in runtime and the summer-winter time change option in the ‘Heavac Init' Fbox is automatically de-activated if a time-zone has been defined in the Device Configurator. The Summer/Winter indication returned by the ‘Clock-Read' FBox will be updated according to the state handled by the FW.
If you have a firmware in range 1.14.xx or 1.16.xx you should update to the FW version 1.20.xx (or newer) to have a full and correct functionality of the clock FBoxes in Heavac and the Hevac library 2.7.150 or newer have to be used.

Note also that the text in the adjust window of all ‘Heavac Init' FBoxes have been changed from ‘Disabled' to ‘Device Configurator' and a remark has been added.




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