Why can't I restore the user program from flash from a PCD3.R500?

FAQ #101779

With firmware 1.16.xx until version 1.16.69 the function "Restore from flash" in PG5 does not correctly work if the backup is stored on a PCD3.R500 or a PCD7.R500.


When executing a "Restore from Flash" in PG5 on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5xx0 which is equipped with a PCDx.R500 (the red memory module), the PCD will not contain a program after the restore.
If the restore is triggered by pressing the "Run/Halt" button next to the USB port of the PCD, the restore works correctly.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the PCD firmware 1.16.xx until version 1.16.69 does not correctly restore the program.

This problem is corrected on the FW 1.16.69.

Please note that it is generally recommended using the new backup possibility of the firmware 1.16.27 which also includes the PCD.SCFG and the media contents (Register, Flags etc.), see FAQ 101622.



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