New Belimo Valves have to use the new FBox MP VAV20/EPIV20

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Since 2011 Belimo has introduced in the market new type of valves (the VRP-M device),

they are not working with the old FBoxes MP VAV anymore therefore new FBoxes has been developed.

The FBox MP VAV20 where the 20 means second generation (2.0)

This FBox is included since the version $2.6.202 of the Belimo library for PG5 2.0


It's still possible to use the old type of valves, using the old FBox MP VAV and MP EPIV which is included in the same library but as general rule we recommed to use only the new VAV20 and EPIV20 FBoxes.


The new MP VAV20 and MP EPIV20 FBoxes are only available for PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.0 but not for PG5 1.4

As general roule, it's possible to use the VAV20 and the EPIV20 FBoxes on all devices.

Remark about the VAV:
VAV wich are able to communicate with MP-Bus where introduced in 2000:
- The VRP-M device does require the VAV20 F-Box (to be able to use/set the Min/Max parameter)
- All other VAV devices can be used either with the VAV or the VAV20 F-Box
Remark about the EPIV device:
- All EPIV devices can be used with the EPIV or the EPIV20 F-Box.
How to know if the VAV does need the old or the new FBox?
The Belimo valve does have a serial number printed on a white label.
This number does consist on a 4 digit number with the format and is readable also in the master F-Box:
- If the code FFF is between 146 and 153 or the code is 158 or 160 then its necessary to use the MP VAV20 or MP EPIV20 FBoxes
- All other codes on the FFF field does indicate that the device does work either with the new or the old FBoxes.



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