Why is it not possible to build a fupla file with Heavac Dialog FBoxes in PG5 2.0.220?

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Because new instructions have been defined, user programs with Heavac Dialog FBoxes can in some cases no longer be built.


Wenn building a fupla file using HeaDlg library a similar error message is display:
Error 1034: SASI_Dialog.fbd: Line 88: Missing operand, in Block: COB 0, Page: 1, FBox: SAS (Macro: __dlgcupdn, Line 45)
With PG5 1.4.300 the probleme isn't present!


The probleme is caused by the Macro "dlgcupdn" in head0.lib which used a reserved word "LT". When this macro was created (over 15 years ago) the word "LT" was not reserved. Now in PG5.2.0 the word "LT" can't be used any more which is the reason why the message "missing operand" appears.

Please copy the attached corrected file to the folder

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Saia-Burgess\PG5_20\Libs\App

This correction will be part of PG5 2.1.


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