Are the PCD7.F1xxS fully compatible with the "old" systems?

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Starting with hardware version B the communication cards PCD7.F1xxS are fully compatible with the "older" systems (PCD2.M1xx/PCD2.M48x/PCS1/PCD1.M1x5).


If a PCD7.F1xxS with hardware version A is used on one of the following systems, the communication module will become too warm and functionality is not guaranteed.

  • PCD1.M1x5
  • PCD2.M1xx
  • PCD2.M48x
  • PCS1

In case you need to use a PCD7.F1xx an one of the above mentionned systems you can

  • order a PCD7.F1xx (without the S) which can still be ordered until autumn 2012
  • or (in future) you can use a PCD7.F1xxS with HW B or newer
    The hardware version B will be introduced in autumn 2012


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