How to Download a Firmware to a PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx Module

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There is a possibility to update the firmware of a PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx, in this FAQ it is explained how to proceed.


In general the procedure is the same like you would update the firmware of a PCD3. Connect the computer via USB to the PLC and start the PG5 2.0 Firmware Downloader. Change the file for the download to the required .bin file and start the download in USB PGU mode.


When more than one PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx is plugged in the PLC there can appear some error messages.



In this case you have to specify the Slot in which the Module is plugged which you want to download the firmware into. This is made in the Options of the Firmware Downloader “Select SPI Slot…”


When choosing in which Slot you want to download the firmware you can make sure that the right module is updated, if “No Options is selected it will try to download the firmware to the first PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx which is found on the I/O Bus.

The minimal system requirements are:
PG5 2.0.200
PCD Firmware 1.16.48
Modules supporting a firmware update:



PCD2 / Fxxx

PCD3 / Fxxx

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