Why is the diagnostic flag "ManagerNotPresent" on the RIO not set?

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On the programmable Smart Ethernet RIO PCD3.T66x there is a diagnostic flag available which can be used to detect whether the RIO Manager CPU is exchanging data with the RIO. However, when using PG5 2.0.200 this flag is not correctly addressed.


When having programmed the Smart Ethernet RIO with PG5 SP2 the indicated flag "ManagerNotPresent" is not the relevant flag to detect the presence of the master.

PG5 assigns the address of the "base diagnostic flag +3", but it should be the "base diagnostic flag +7":

Please use PG5 2.0.210 for the creation of a Smart Ethernet RIO Project.

If this is not possible, you can copy the attached file "pcd3txxx.saiaxml" into the folder:
    c:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5_20\DeviceTemplates\pcd3txxx.saiaxml

With PG5 2.0.210 generated RIOS will have the diagnostc flags correctly assinged:


  • With PG5 2.0.210 the flags are correctly addressed 
  • In case the project has been created with PG5 2.0.200: Please note that the RIO must be re-created in PG5 in order to have the correction applied (because the saiaxml file copied to the project while the creation of the RIO in the project). 


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