Configuration of Data Mapping with the CAN Configurator

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Using the SBC CAN Configurator only a Data Mapping for CAN Bus can be created, in this type of configuration the diagnostics and the parametrisation is very limited.


When a simple application is created which should exchange data over CAN Bus, the Data Mapping might be suitable but it is very limited in the configuration. 

The CAN Interface is only initialized and configured at startup. This configuration is stored in a DBX and can therefore not be used during runtime.
For the use with Data Mapping no system function are available. If a more complex configuration of the CAN interface is needed, such as connection lost or re-initialization when CAN Controller goes in “off” mode another configuration like Direct Access or Basic Services is required. 

When using “CAN Direct Access” or “CAN Basic Services” all the configuration is done with system functions (CSF).



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