Are the EnOcean receivers APG03U/B-RS485-Eno supported by the FBox library?

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Yes, the EnOcean radio receivers from Omnio, APG03U-RS485-Eno (unidirectional version) and APG03B-RS485-Eno (bidirectional version) are supported by the FBox library for EnOcean from Saia-Burgess Controls AG.


Points to be considered when using the Omnio radio receivers
The expreiences during the pilot phase have shown that: 

  • It is important to use the EnOcean ID filter of the Omnio receivers
  • In dependance of the version of the receiver, an according FBox version is to be selected (sending Acknowledge telegrams or not, see FAQ 101453)
  • It is not possible to mix receivers from Omnio and Thermokon on the same RS485 bus. 

Can I order the Omnio receivers from Saia-Burgess Controls AG?
No, please order these devices from Omnio directly as Saia-Burgess Controls AG is no longer able to provide these products (unfortunately these products are still listed in the price list for 2010/11).



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