Some windows in PG5 2.0 are not visible anymore. How to get them back?

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The windows Symbol Editor, FBox Selector, Page Navigator etc. are missing; how to get them back?


Somehow the property windows and the Symbol Editor, FBox Selector, Page Navigator etc. are no longer visible (or lost). If they are switched off and on under view, it doesn't change anything.
Restarting PG5 or the Device Configurator and also uninstalling and re-installing does not help to get the disappeared windows back.

If the windows got lost this way, it is possible to restore the default settings:

  • Close PG5 2.0
  • Make sure the hidden files are displayed on your PC (refer to the link below in case you don't know how to configure this)
  • Browse to the following path:
    - For Windows XP:
      C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Saia-Burgess\PG5_20\
    - For Windows Vista, Windows 7:
  • Arrange the files by name
  • Delete or cut all files starting with SFup (about 7 files)
  • Restart PG5 2.0
  • The original settings are restored

Remark: On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the folder "AppData" is a hidden folder. Please adjust the settings on your computer
as following:
Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Folder Options -> View -> check "Show hidden files, folders or drives -> Apply
This way round, the folder "AppData" will appear half-transparent and you'll be able to restore the default settings as described in this FAQ.



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