When do I have to use the "SASI S-Bus Extended" FBox?

FAQ #101400

In the most cases the "Sasi ..." FBox can be used (which is recommended due to the fewer possibilities for wrong configuration). However, there are some specific reasons for using the FBox "Sasi S-Bus extended"


The "SASI S-Bus Extended" FBox has to be used only in 3 following cases:

  1. If you need to configure the S-Bus timing by using this FBox
    (-> Timeout -> TS-Delay -> TN-Delay -> Break length )
  2. If you want to disable the "Secure S-Bus Data mode"
  3. If you want to de-assign the communication port during runtime
    --> ATTENTION: in this case it is not possible to re-assign the port as GATEWAY (master) port (see FAQ 101399)


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