Why is it not possible to change the phone numbers in the "Call SMS" FBox?

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The online paramters of the "Call SMS" FBox should be adapted in runtime. Per example inserting another destination for the "Call SMS" FBox. For some reason the updating of the callnumbers is not working. The values are overwritten by the offline parameters imediatly.


The phone numbers in the "Call SMS" FBox can normally be overwritten in runtime. Means that a user can change the destination phone numbers. If the "Ini" input of the "Modem Driver 18" FBox is permanently high and the option "Evaluate Ini Input" is set to "In runtime" the online parameters are each cycle overwritten by the offline parameters.

Due to a malfunction of the FBox the Ini Input is not only reacting on a rising edge but always. Therefore the Modem FBoxes are initializing each cycle and all parameters are reset to the initial parameters (offline parameters)

As a workaround change the "Evaluate Ini Input" to at startup or insert a dynamize FBox in front of the Ini input. A correction has been implemented in the Modem FBox Library and is present in the following two versions (and later versions, too):

  • PG5 1.4
    Modem FBox library version 2.5.304
  • PG5 2.0
    Modem FBox library 2.6.102 or higher

The FBox libraries can be downloaded from the Support page in the section "Software" --> "PG5 x" --> "FBox Libraries". 



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