Why can I no longer build a PG5 project with Bettschen Midi RIO FBoxes?

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After installing the patch 8 for PG5 it is no more possible to compile a project which contains FBoxes for Bettschen midi RIOs.


After installing patch 8 for PG5 1.4.300 the following error message appears while the build of a project containing Midi RIO FBoxes:
Error 31: xxx.fbd: Line 39: Syntax error, in Block: BL 0, Page: 1, FBox: Initialisierung (MR_Init) 

The PG5 compiler which is included in the patch 8 or later patches does check more details on the program code. A wrong declaration which is included in the program code for the midi RIOs causes the error.

The Problem is solved in a library version Midi_Rio_V1.63 or newer. Please contact your supplier of the FBox library, EUF Software or Bettschen Elektonik.

Another way to solve the problem is, you open the file "Midi-RIO.LIB" with a text editor.
There you have to change the syntax of the line:

; Definitionen
FlagEnable  EQU    F [128] S+10        ;+127

The syntax "S+10" is wrong

Either you delete the syntax or your do define it as text with a ";" like:

; Definitionen
FlagEnable  EQU    F [128] ;S+10        ;+127



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