Why are the outputs not working in my DDC Suite project (with BACnet enabled)?

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If BACnet is enabled in a DDC Suite project a BACnet flash module must be installed because the I/O are treated differently by the DDC Suite FBoxes.


The outputs of controlled with DDC Suite FBoxes are not working. In the DDC FBoxes, BACnet is enabled, but no BACnet flash module (PCD7.R65x or PCD3.R56x) is plugged.

If BACnet is enabled, code generated by the DDC suite is adapted to the BACnet feature (outputs can e.g. be written with priorities with a BACnet Operator Station BOW). If the BACnet task is not running (e.g. because no BACnet module is plugged or because the BACnet firmware stored on the PCDx.R65x is not compatible with the PCD firmware) the program will not work correctly.

Only enable BACnet in the DDC Suite if there is an according module plugged to the PCD.



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