USB - RS 485 converter

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To access a RS 485 network from a PC / Notebook a converter is needed.


Since most notebooks do not have a serial port the PCD7.T120 (RS232-RS485 converter) cannot be used anymore. It is not possible to have a USB-RS 232 converter and afterwards the PCD7.T120 this will not work.

We successfully tested the following USB - RS 485 converter:

  • Moxa UPort 1130. It works well with PG5 1.4 and PG5 2.0 on Windows XP and Windows Vista. 
  • ICP DAS I-7561. It works fine with PG5 1.4 and PG5 2.0 on Windows XP SP2 or higher.

Please note that the converter from ICP DAS only works for USB - RS 485. The USB - RS 232 option does not work properly.



PG5 1.x

PG5 2.0 / USB

PG5 2.0

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