Where do I have to install FBoxes to make them available in a DDC Suite project?

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If a new FBox library is installed in the default PG5 path, they won't be available in a DDC Suite project, because in this case, the FBox libraries are part of the project itself.


A new FBox library or a bugfix library was installed to the default PG5 path. These FBoxes are still not available in a DDC suite project.

The reason for this behaviour is, that in a DDC Suite Project, all FBoxes are stored local in the project. Under Settings/Software/Directories the option "Use Library override directories" is checked.

To make the FBoxes available in the DDC suite project, they have to be installed once more into the DDC suite project. In the project directory there is a folder FBoxes available. New FBoxes have to be copied/installed into this folder to make them available for the project.



PG5 1.x

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