Why is the Error 212:...Missing initialisers displayed?

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This error appears if the first symbol of an array has a "first time data initialisation".


An array is defined in the symbol table:

 Group/SymbolType  address/value
 Symbol0 Register [3]
 Symbol1 Register Symbol0+1         
 Symbol2 Register Symbol0+2

If the first symbol of the array has a "first time data initialisation" the following error appears:
Error 212: Untitled1.sy5: Line 4: Missing initialisers

 Group/SymbolType  address/value
 Symbol0 Register [3] :=0
 Symbol1 Register Symbol0+1 :=1    
 Symbol2 Register Symbol0+2 :=2

At the moment the only solution is, to define the whole array in the first symbol or to realize the first time data initialisation elsewhere, per example in the XOB 16.

 Group/SymbolType  address/value
 Symbol0 Register [3] :=0,1,2
 Symbol1 Register Symbol0+1   
 Symbol2 Register Symbol0+2         

In future versions of PG5 a better solution is planed.



PG5 1.x

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