Communication in Bus Terminal topology doesn't work on PCDx.F2xx Module!

FAQ #101091

When more than 1 displays of the same type (PCD7.D23x and PCD7.D290) are connected to a RS 485 port (Bus terminal) of a PCDx.F2xx module, the communication doesn't work. Only one of the displays is available, the other one(s) is (are) not accessible!


The ports 100 to 131 available on the PCDx.F2xx modules have different timing properties and are therefore not appropriate for PCD7.D23x and PCD7.D290 in bus terminal topoloy!

Use another RS 485 port (onboard or with F1xx).



PCD2 / Fxxx

PCD3 / Fxxx

PCD7 / D290

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