Why does my PCS1 all of the sudden loose its clock?

FAQ #101012

In some (very rare cases) the clock of a PCS can not been written, and the shown time always is the 1.01.1990. After switching the PCS off and on again, the problem disappears.


The RTC (real time clock) of the PCS does no longer work and shows the date 1.01.1990. Attempts to write the clock using e.g. the PG5 Online Configurator fail with a NAK response. However, after restarting or switching the power off and on again, the problem disappears. This phenomenon has only been observed with firmware version 0C0, 0C1 and 0E3.

This phenomenon has been observed on very few sites, and it is very likely that it occurred after a very short power outage, which lead to the fact that the firmware of the PCS could no longer access the internal RTC of the PCS.

This behavior does no longer occur with firmware version 0E6 (and is does not occur with firmware versions older than 0C0 or newer than #E4, neither).
In case you are concerned by this problem, please update the firmware of your PCS system to version 0F0 or later which can be downlaoded from the support site (www.sbc-support.ch).




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