How to interface Saia PCD® with the Hotel Management Systems from micros-FIDELIO?

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OPERA, FIDELIO and SUITE-8 are widespread Hotel Management Systems (HMS) from micros-FIDELIO. ENGIBY offers a FBox family to interface SBC controllers with the HMS via FIAS protocol.


All HMS from micros-FIDELIO use the FIAS protocol to communicate with peripheral systems. Since ENGIBY's FBox family supports the FIAS protocol, it is possible to connect every Saia PCD® and PCS1 with the HMS. Both serial (RS-232) and IP-based (Ethernet)communication is supported by the FBoxes.

The ENGIBY FBoxes signal the occupation status of every single hotel room by monitoring the check-in and check-out messages sent out by the HMS front-desk. A database synchronization is automatically done as soon as the connection between the PCD and the HMS is (re-)established.

There is no limitation in the number of rooms supported by the ENGIBY FBox family. For further details see ENGIBY's homepage at

This FBox family is NOT a SBC product! The information in this FAQ is provided for your convenience only. Please contact ENGIBY to ensure the FBoxes are suitable for your specific requirements!



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