Why can't I change the Profi-S-Bus address on a PCD3.M6540 Port 2?

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When using firmware version 1.08.23 the Profi S-Bus address can only be set one time on the PCD3.M6540 port 2.


A Profi S-Bus address is configured on port 2 of the PCD3.M6540 (with firmware 1.08.23). This address should be changed but this fails.

Due to a firmware problem the Profi S-Bus address cannot be changed if it is once set. Only the PCD3.M6540 Port 2 is concerned by this problem.
Firmware version 1.10.16 corrects this problem; with this version the Profi-S-Bus address can be changed as usual.

In case it is not possible updating the firmware the following workaround can be used:
Press the little Run/Halt button during startup and keep it pressed for around 30 seconds. After about 20 to 30 seconds, the LEDs "Run" and "Halt" will blink. Now you can release the button. If you go online with the Online Debugger "Media Corruption" will be displayed. The CPU program and hardware settings are cleaned. It is now possible to configure a new Profi S-Bus address.



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