Error on build of a Fupla file containing EIB FBoxes : "symbol not defined: _eib_group._RCV.FBUFFER"!

FAQ #100824

When building a PG5 project created with PG5 version older than PG5 1.4.200, the build could fail because of undefined symbols.


When an older project created with a previous PG5 version is build within PG5 1.4.200, a lot of error messages are generated telling to replace EIB Fboxes or symbol not defined.
The generated error messages could look like these:

This problem occurs because of a problem in the EIB library version 1.5.160. An old version of the EIB RCV Switch FBox does use a symbol that is not available any more.

Please install the attached version of the EIB library or a newer one (>2.5 1669).



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