How to download a PG5 project to a CPU without the full PG5 installation?

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Updating the program/configuration of a PCD does not necessarily require the whole PG5 installation. By the use of the "S-Online Tools" and the functionality "Create Self-downloading file", a PCD can be updated without having a full PG5 installation on the PC.


It is possible just installing the "S-Online Tools" which provide the necessary driver and interface to download the configuration and the user program files to a PCD. PG5 itself supports the functionality "Create Self-Downloading File" which creates one file containing configuration, program files etc. that can be to someone having installed the "S-Online Tools" (e.g. an end customer).

Given an end customer needs to update the user program of his CPU (and this customer shall not get the source program files (Fupla etc.) of the software his PCD is running). The easyest way to provide the configuration and the program files (compiled) to such a customer is executing the following steps:

  • From PG5 Project Manager menu "CPU", select the functionality "Create Self-Downloading File". Select the parts of the project you want to change (HW settings, user program, ) and maybe other useful tasks (e.g. Set PCD Clock from PC, BAckup User Program to Flash etc.).
    A file with the extentsion "*.sd5" is generated.
  • Send this ".sd5" file to your customer
  • Ask your customer to install the "S-Online Tools" which can be found on the PG5 Controls Suite CD in the folder "S-Online Tools" or from the support site (section "Product Info"-->"Software"-->"PG5").
    No license is required for installing or running run the "S-Online Tools".
  • Ask your customer to launch the *.sd5 file (of course he also needs to connect the PCD to the PC using a suitable connection, e.g. USB or PGU cable PCD8.K111).

The S-Online Tools do also support command line options. So you can also write an own script for using the according tools on the end-customer's PC.

Important note
The installer of the "S-Online Tools" that has been available on the support page between 07.02.2008 and 13.02.2008 did not install all necessary files. In case you have downloaded the "S-Online Tools" in this period, please re-download and re-install them.



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