Ether-S-Bus communication does not work if two addresses are assigned to the same Ethernet card

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In case that two IP addresses are assigned to the same Ethernet card (Ethernet port) on a PC, it is possible that the communication does only work on one of the two IP addresses. This problem is caused by the operating system (Windows XP) and is due to insufficient buffers.


Only one Ether-S-Bus communication is working if there are two addresses assigned to the same Ethernet interface on the PC (running Windows XP or W2k). A tracewin log indicates the error message:
Error Message 10055 (WSAENOBUFS)

Reason (according to microsoft support)
An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full (as the SBC driver is concerned because it is using TCP port 7000 to communicate with its dll). Please refer to the microsoft support page (link below) for furhter information.

Please refer to the link below (pointing to the microsoft support site, as this is a problem of Windows and not from PG5).


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