Why do I get the warning "Parameter Name not used in macro _HdaInit"?

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Together with PG5 SP1.4.130 a new version of the "Historic Data Logging" FBox library has been distributed. Due to a small bug the FBox "HDLog Init" causes this error on build of the PG5 project.


On build of a PG5 project that contains an FBox "HDLog Init" from the FBox library "Historic Data Logging" version 1.3.000 the following message is shown:

Assembling: Fupla.fbd
Warning 2: C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Libs\Usr\HDLOG.lib: Line 1279: Parameter "Name" not used in macro "_HdaInit"

This is a small bug in the FBox "HDLog Init" and means that an internal parameter is not used (because there is no reason to use it). However, the FBox code should avoid this message.

This warning can be ignored. The functionality of the FBox or the project is not influenced.
The next release of the library will avoid this warning. 



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