Bus topology with PCD7.D23x need an added delay with some PCD3.Mxxxx FW!!

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The use of the HMI in bus protocol mode (RS485, "FTP" mode) on all PCD3 RS 485 ports

(also on ports F2xx) must TEMPORARY be done with a special setting in the Advanced section of the SW Settings of the PG5.


For the additional Build options the following must be given in:

9600 Bd:   /D._SHMI._BUILD._BUSDEL=150

4800 Bd: :  /D._SHMI._BUILD._BUSDEL=300


At high CPU loading a 20 mSec higher save setting is recommended.

A save working is expected with this.



At future FW version where the firmware of the PCD3 will be corrected this added delay setting may cause from then on added unnecessary delay.

The from then on unnecessary added delay can make it required to remove this delay parameter settings from the project again.


The measurements have been made with:

  • PCD3 FW $29

  • PCD3.F221 $09

  • SHMI   $1.4.190

  • PCD7.D232 034 (equal to 031,032 in time behaviour)  with old AT89s53 processor (slower
    that the new one – requires slightly more delay setting than the new one)

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