It's possible to start up a mutlilingual Web-Panel with the last used language?

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Yes, it's possible to store the last used language and to restore this stored langauge during startup of the Web-Panel


To store the last used language you have to make the following steps on the S-Web-Editor:

Create a own page where you select the language which you want to use.
To select the language you have to use a button whit the functionality "Set Variable on mouse down" where the Container Variable @LANGUAGE is written with the language specific *.csv file name.

On the same page, place a macro "EventP_wrCo2Co_onLostFocus_x“ or „EventP_wrCo2PPO_onLostFocus_x".
This macro will write the container variable @LANGUAGE in to a persistent container or in to a PCD variable if the page is leavead.

On the start page of the Web application place a macro:  „EventP_wrCo2Co_onGainFocus_x“ or „EventP_wrPPO2Co_onGainFocus_x".
This macro will copy the content of the persistent container or the PCD variable in to the container variable @LANGAUGE
 if the page is called. 

Please note, that if you do store the Container variable @LANGUAGE in to a PCD variable this will invoke the behaviour that all Web-Panel which does access the Web-Application on the PCD do use the same language during startup.

If you do store the @LANGUAGE in to a persisten Container this will lead to the situation, that each Web-Panel could have stored his own, different langauge. 



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