HTML Tags and/or alarm texts not displayed in web-application

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Formating problems may prevent the displaying of texts which are defined inside CSV files.


The SBC Web-Editor allows to define texts (so called "HTML tags" and alarm descriptions) inside of one or more CSV files. This is especially powerful when designing multi-language applications, but may also be handy for single-language applications with many different alarms.

Be careful when editing the CSV files

When editing the CSV files, it is very important to maintain the exact format of the file. Every line starts with an ID sequence which must not be changed, otherwise the applet or Micro-Browser will not find the regarding entry anymore. Only the part after the separator character (e.g. the semicolon) is allowed to chance. Please do not substitute the separator character with another character, it won't work!

Potential problems when using spreadsheet programs

Special attention is necessary when editing the CSV file with a spreadsheet program, because these programs tend to change the file formating. Microsoft Excel, for instance, could change the separation character without any warning, depending on the actual language settings of your system. It has also been reported by customers, that Excel makes CSV file entries invalid by adding quotes or double-quotes around texts. Please be aware that these are only examples: Things like these can also happen with other programs!

CSV editing tips and tricks

After saving a CSV file that has been edited with a spreadsheet program, you should open the CSV file with Notepad (or any other "plain" text editor) to double check, if the format is still valid. Best editing results are achieved by using an advanced text editor like UltraEdit, Programmer’s Notepad, EditPad Pro etc. Unicode should be supported by the editor when creating or editing files with special character sets, e.g. asian, cyrilic characters.



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