Why is the message: "Timeout" displayed in the Master Box?

FAQ #100601

If the master box doesn't recognize the address transmission then the master box gives the message "Timeout".



To communicate with MP-members, each member requires a MP-bus address 1..8. It is not possible to use more than 8 MP-bus addresses and devices on each MP-bus string (MP-Channel).

The MP-address is saved into the actuators itself. The process of addressing is handled through the MP-master box (single or duplex)

The most useful process for addressing is "automatic module addressing". For this demand the button "set keypress" has to be pushed. The demanded and from the actuator transmitted address information is visible into the window "series number" of the MP master box.

If the master box doesn’t recognize the address transmission then the master box gives the message "Timeout".


  • Too long cable distances

  • Bad communication quality due to power supply potential differences

  • Multiple address use

  • Not existing actuator

  • Open cable wiring


  • Interconnection of the PCD power supply ground with the ground of the actuators

  • Check all the cable connections

  • Verify the possible cable distances with the content of MP-documentation.


PG5 2.0 / MP-Bus

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