Why does the error message "Warning 562: S-Net's PCD type is not the same as the PCD type defined in PM's 'Hardware Settings" appear?

FAQ #100574

This error message appears when creating a Profibus DP Network and adding a PCD3 Master


When inserting a PCD3 Master in the Profibus-DP Network the error message above is displayed.

The used PCD3 is probably a PCD3.M5xxx or PCD3.M3xxx. These CPU's can only be Profi S-IO Master and not Profibus-DP Master. Only the PCD3.M6540 can be a DP Master.

If a PCD3.M5xxx or PCD3.M3xxx has to be implemented in a Profibus-DP Network, the Profi S-IO Master has to be inserted and not the PCD3 Master.



PG5 1.x

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