Why does PG5 throw an error on build when using the FBox "HDLog Init"?

FAQ #100551

If the FBox "HDLog Init" of the "Historic Data Logging" family is placed and the DB "HD" has a size declaration the error 146 (Multi-defined DB) is shown on build of the PG5 project.


The FBox "HDLog Init" is placed in a fupla file and the DB "HD" (entered on the face of the FBox) has a size declaration. The following error is shown on build:
Error 146: Untitled1.fbd: Line 153: Multi-defined DB, in Block: BL 0, Page: 2, FBox: Initialize

The DB HD must be declared without a definition in the SymbolEditor !

If the definition is disabled the build will be successful.


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PG5 1.x

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