How to convert variables from S-Bus to Ether S-Bus driver when changing terminal type?

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It is possible to convert all the variable from a S-Bus driver to Ether S-Bus driver if an existing project has to be used on another terminal type (e.g. PCD7.D786 convert to PCD7.D786ET)!


Hereby the procedure to convert your project from VT585W (PCD7.D786) rev 4 to VT585WB ETH  (PCD7.D786ET) in order to save the addresses of the project variable when you change the driver from SBC S-bus to SBC Ethernet S-bus:

1.   Open the project and move the SBC S-bus driver from ASP to MSP.

2.   Convert the panel from VT585W rev 4 to VT585WB ETH.

3.   Drug and drop the driver SBC Ethernet S-bus to the Ethernet port.

4.   Open project editor (double click on the VT icon).

5.   Expot variables into CSV format file (menu: Tools / Export to file Variables) 

6.   Run Excel and open the CSV file

7.   Change the name of the source device name into SBC:Ether-S-Bus_a (default name in VTWIN project)

8.   Save and close the CSV file

9.   Import the CSV file in your project (menu: Tools / Import from file Variables)

10. The  source device of the variables has changed.

11. Adjust the addresses of the memory areas (if it is used and necessary)

12. Compile the project

13. Close the project editor

14. Delete the driver SBC S-bus from the MSP

15. Save the project


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