Why does a part of the HMI Internals Tree get lost?

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As the HMI Editor uses a library called SSTree.ocx that can also be used by other applications, version incompatibilities can cause problems on either of the concerned applications.


The tree with the HMI internals is no more displayed properly. Almost the whole tree is missing:



The HMI-Editor is using a file called SSTree.ocx. If per example the siemens product catalogue CA01 is installed, this software will overwrite the SSTree.ocx with a newer version which is not compatible with the HMI-Editor. Therfore the tree of the HMI-Editor will not be displayed properly anymore.

The file SSTree.ocx is normaly located under WINNT/system32. To make the two softwares run on the same computer it is necessary to copy the SSTree.ocx installed with the HMI-Editor in the directory where PG5 is installed and which contains also the HMI.exe (p.e: C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_3\)
The SSTree.ocx installed with the other software (p.e: Siemens product catalogue CA01) has to be copied in the directroy where this sofware is installed (p.e: C:\Program Files\Siemens\CA01_CH_DEU\catalog\). The SSTree.ocx in the directory system32 has to be deleted.


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