Error 399: Failed to create Block Information files: Bad file: XXX.pcd

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- rebuilt all

- Assembly complete. Errors: 0 Warnings: 0

- Linkage complete. 0 errors 0 warnings


This can be caused a block (COB, PB etc) is defined more than

once in the program. Use Project Manager's 'Data List' view, sort

by block type and address, and see if any block has been defined more than once. This should give a 'multi-defined block' error when the program is built, but in some cases no error is given

and S-Asm creates a PCD file with the same block in it twice. The firmware does not give an error either, it always uses the

last block in the file.


These files are needed for dedecting witch blocks have been edited since the download, and also for PCD memory management when downloading single or changed blocks.

Without tis information, the list of changed blocks and the PCD’s block memory map will not be available .

Single or changed blocks cannot be downloaded.




Note: This problem was corrected in PG5 $1.3.122, and $1.4.022.



PG5 1.x

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