Why is only the SSI position of one axis of an PCD2.H32x read?

FAQ #100432

When using both axes of the PCD2.H325 or PCD2.H327 modules together with SSI encoders, it is absolutely necessary to use FB Version 2.42 or higher.


If both axes of a PCD2.H325 or PCD2.327 are used together with SSI absolut value encoders, only the axis which was initialized as last will work. On the other axis, the SSI driver will not work until the next initialisation (wich causes the SSI driver of the other axis not to work any more).

The SSI driver of the module is multiplexed. In FB versions older that version $2.41, this multiplexing isn't implemented correctly.

Upgrade the FBs used in your project to V2.42. This version is installed automatically during the installation of PG5 SP1.3.120.



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