Only the first part of a SMS message text is transmitted.

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If an incomplete SMS message text is received, perhaps the necessary delimiter character is wrongly choosed or not set at all.


As descripted within the online help for the Modem Library, every SMS message text must be enclosed by a delimiter character:


"The message must be marked by delimiters. A character set at beginning and at the end of the message, can be freely selected by the user except some characters reserved for the assembler ( $ @ and " )."

If no delimiter is used at all, a text defined like "Attention! Attic temperature too high!" will be truncated at the second 'A' and the first 'A' is suppressed. So only "ttention! " is transmitted by the Send SMS FBox. The message with ampersands ('&') used as delimiters - "&Attention! Attic temperature too high!&" - will be transmitted completely.

The delimiter character should be choosed carefully, since it must not appear in the message text itself. Otherwise the message will be truncated at this position.



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