How to read data regarding the line quality from a PCD2.T813?

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The AT command set of the PCD2.T813 features a way for getting information regarding the line quality. Also the transmission rate last used as well as the fastes used transmission rate will be shown.


The AT command for reading these information is:



The tricky part for reading these information is that this data isn't stored in FLASH. This means that after a power down/power up the data will be lost.

Procudure for reading the line quality information
As conclusion the user of a PCD2.T813 is urged to use a PCD7.F120 which then will be connected to the modem.
The lines between the terminals of the PCD7.F120 and the modem terminals should be connected with a D-SUB connecter that easily can be unplugged (in order to connect a PC with e.g. hyper terminal to the modem).
Once this installation is created, the modem can be run as usual and a modem connection can be established to it. After this connection is terminated, the connector between modem and PCD may be unplugged and the PC is to be connected to the modem (make sure the PCD isn't unplugged because this would lead to data loss).
E.g. the hyperterminal may be used in order to transmit the command mentioned above and the data will be sent to the hyper terminal.



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