How to use the "Broadcast Clock" FBox?

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In order to synchronize all PCD clocks on a network (Serial S-Bus, Profi-S-Bus or Ether-S-Bus) the FBox "Broadcast Clock" from the standard family "Communication" may be used. Depending on the range where the Broadcast message shall take effect the parameter "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" has to be set correctly.


Depending on which kind of network this Fbox is used, different values for the parameter "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" are to be entered. Below you can find a description of the different usages:

Use on Serial-S-Bus network
Genarally the FBox generates a S-Bus broadcast telegram (to the address 255 which is the broadcast address of the Serial-S-Bus network). On a Serial-S-Bus network the parameter "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" has to have the value 0 since no Ether-S-Bus nor a Profi-S-Bus network is present. 

Use on Ether-S-Bus network
On a Ether-S-Bus network we can decide whether the broadcast shall be sent to the whole IP-subnet (including all Serial-S-Bus subnets connected to it) or only to one Ether-S-Bus station and all its sub stations (if present):

  • Given the Node 3 is time master, it is possible to send the broadcast to all Ether-S-Bus stations and their subnet stations (region B in picture above). In this case the Parameter "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" of the Broadcast Clock FBox has to be set to 65535 (IP Node for broadcast address).

  • If only the PCD clocks of region A in the picture have to be set, the node of the gateway to the subnet A (in this case the node 1) has to be set in the parameter "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" of the Broadcas Clock FBox.

Use on Profi-S-Bus network
In order to send the telegram to all stations connected the Profi-S-Bus network, the "IP Node/Profi-S-Bus Address" needs to have the value 127 (which is the broadcast address for the Profi-S-Bus network). At the moment the possibility for sending only to the subnet of one station isn't introduced.


Note that since the sent telegram is a broadcast telegram the slaves won't answer with a "ACK" (acknowledgement) telegram. Therefore the LED of the FBox will remain green also if not all of the slaves have received the telegram.



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