Ethernet TCP/IP and the PCD6

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There has been the possibility to equip a (now discontinued) PCD6 with an Ethernet module. However, as the PCD6 system has been discontinued, also the Ethernet module (PCD7.F651) for the PCD6 systems has been discontinued.


To have an Ethernet TCP/IP port on a PCD, a PCD6.M3F650 had to be ordered (not possible any more). This version of the PCD6.M3 contains a PCD7.F651 module and has an Ethernet connector on the front plate instead of a D-Sub connector. It takes a single slot like a standard M3.

Only one Ethernet TCP/IP port has been possible per PCD6 System.

For retrofitting Ethernet TCP/IP on an existing PCD6 system, the concerned CPU had to be replaced. When updating from a PCD6.M1/M2 CPU to a PCD6.M3, the memory module as well and the firmware versions of all CPU's had to match (for more details please refer to the attached document.). The update to PCD6M3.F65x has only been possible on CPU's with harware version >= C.


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