Why after an update of the FBox ‘LogtoFile’ to the version 2.7.320 the stored information in the *.csv file have some time gaps?

FAQ #101954

If the version 2.7.320 of the ‘File System Library’ is used, and the F-Box 'LogToFile' does log information's in to a *.csv file, then it could be that not all information’s are stored in the *.csv file.


If for example the information should be stored each second in the *.csv file with the help of the F-Box 'LogToFile', then it could happen that sometime the information is stored only after 6 or 10 seconds, means that not all information’s are stored in the csv file.

This error doesn’t happen in the past and was introduced with the ‘File System Library’ version 2.7.320.


To fix the problem use the ‘File System Library’ version $2.7.325 or later.


PG5 2.0 / File System library

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