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System Catalogue 2022/2023

Catalogue 26-215 System Catalogue 2022/2023

With the new address:

Saia-Burgess Controls AG
Route Jo-Siffert 4
1762 Givisiez

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System Catalogue Book A - Products

Extract PP26-215 System Catalogue Book A - Products

ENG16 .pdf 46.92 MB Download
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ITA16 .pdf 46.99 MB Download

System Catalogue Book B - Basic Systems

Extract PP26-215 System Catalogue Book B - Basic Systems

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FRA16 .pdf 30.45 MB Download
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System Catalogue Book C - Annex

Extract PP26-215 System Catalogue Book C - Annex

- Status: Product launch and availability

- Abbreviations

- Type Index

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FRA16 .pdf 0.44 MB Download
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System Catalogue - Automation Stations

Extract PP26-215_A0100 System Catalogue - Automation Stations

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GER17 .pdf 29.83 MB Download
ITA17 .pdf 32.46 MB Download

System Catalogue : Basic Properties

Extract 26-215_A0110 System Catalogue : Basic Properties

Basic properties of programmable Saia PCD® measuring, regulation and control devices

ENG18 .pdf 4.48 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 4.49 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 4.50 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 4.48 MB Download

System Catalogue : PCD3

Extract 26-215_A0120 System Catalogue : PCD3

Automation Stations - PCD3

ENG18c .pdf 4.66 MB Download
FRA18c .pdf 4.67 MB Download
GER18c .pdf 4.69 MB Download
ITA18c .pdf 4.67 MB Download

System Catalogue : Standby Controller

Extract 26-215_A0130 System Catalogue : Standby Controller

System Catalogue
Automation Stations - Standby Controller

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FRA18 .pdf 0.52 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.54 MB Download
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System Catalogue : PCD2

Extract 26-215_A0140 System Catalogue : PCD2

Automation Stations - PCD2

ENG18c .pdf 3.00 MB Download
FRA18c .pdf 3.01 MB Download
GER18c .pdf 2.99 MB Download
ITA18c .pdf 3.00 MB Download

System Catalogue : PCD1

Extract 26-215_A0150 System Catalogue : PCD1

Chapter ChA015:
Automation Stations PCD1

ENG18 .pdf 2.75 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 2.75 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 2.76 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 2.75 MB Download

System Catalogue : E-Line

Extract 26-215_A0160 System Catalogue : E-Line

Automation Stations - PCD1 E-Line

ENG18a .pdf 5.05 MB Download
FRA18a .pdf 5.06 MB Download
GER18a .pdf 5.07 MB Download
ITA18a .pdf 5.06 MB Download

System Catalogue : Control Panels HMI

Extract 26-215_A0200 System Catalogue : Control Panels HMI

HMI Visualization and operating

ENG18 .pdf 4.14 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 4.15 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 4.15 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 4.20 MB Download

System Catalogue : Room Panels

Extract 26-215_A0250 System Catalogue : Room Panels

Attractively designed, in the housing colour white or black, the panels will fit beautifully into any room.

Main features

- Fully programmable visualisation with the Web Editor 8

- Fully programmable logic controller for autonomous room applications

- Mounting in standard wall boxes

- Onboard temperature sensor

- TFT colours with a colour depth of 65,000

- Capacitive touch screen technology for a very sensitive response

ENG18 .pdf 0.62 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.62 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.62 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.62 MB Download

System Catalogue : Web Panel with Windows® operating system

Extract PP26-215_A0270 System Catalogue : Web Panel with Windows® operating system

ENG16 Archive .pdf 0.42 MB Download
FRA16 Archive .pdf 0.42 MB Download
GER16 Archive .pdf 0.43 MB Download
ITA16 Archive .pdf 0.43 MB Download

System Catalogue : Room Controller

Extract 26-215_A0300 System Catalogue : Room Controller

System Catalogue Chapter ChA3

ENG18 .pdf 3.01 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 3.03 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 3.04 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 3.02 MB Download

System Catalogue : PG5 programmable Room Controllers

Extract 26-215_A0310 System Catalogue : PG5 programmable Room Controllers

System Catalgue: Book A Chapter 3.1

PG5 freely programmable S-Bus/Modbus room controllers for flexible and individual room solutions

ENG18 .pdf 1.55 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 1.56 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 1.57 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 1.55 MB Download

System Catalogue : BACnet Room Controllers

Extract 26-215_A0320 System Catalogue : BACnet Room Controllers

System Catalgue: Book A Chapter 3.2

PCD7.LRxx BACnet room controllers can be configured and commissioned via an Android app

ENG18 .pdf 1.39 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 1.40 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 1.40 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 1.40 MB Download

System Catalogue : Dedicated Room Controllers

Extract 26-215_A0330 System Catalogue : Dedicated Room Controllers

System Catalgue: Book A Chapter 3.3

S-Bus Room Controllers configurable via PG5 and LON Room Controllers configurable via LNS tools

ENG16 .pdf 3.49 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 3.50 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 3.50 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 3.50 MB Download

System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Extract 26-215_A0400 System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Chapter: S-Monitoring
Consumption data capture

ENG18 .pdf 6.64 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 6.65 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 6.66 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 6.65 MB Download

System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

Extract 26-215_A0500 System Catalogue : Cabinet Components

System Catalogue
Cabinet components

ENG18c .pdf 2.61 MB Download
FRA18c .pdf 2.62 MB Download
GER18c .pdf 2.62 MB Download
ITA18c .pdf 2.62 MB Download

Couplers with manual forcing

Extract PP26-215_A0570 Couplers with manual forcing

ENG16 .pdf 0.18 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 0.18 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 0.18 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 0.18 MB Download

System Catalogue : Software

Extract 26-215_B0100 System Catalogue : Software

System Catalogue
Software for Windows PCs

ENG18d .pdf 3.13 MB Download
FRA18d .pdf 3.15 MB Download
GER18d .pdf 3.16 MB Download
ITA18d .pdf 3.14 MB Download

System Catalogue : Saia PG5

Extract 26-215_B0110 System Catalogue : Saia PG5

Saia PG5® Controls Suite: engineering & programming

ENG16 .pdf 1.69 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 1.69 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 1.70 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 1.69 MB Download

System Catalogue : Controls Suite PG5 - Core

Extract 26-215_B0111 System Catalogue : Controls Suite PG5 - Core

Saia PG5® Core – everything you need at all times

ENG16 .pdf 0.96 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 0.97 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 0.97 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 0.96 MB Download

System Catalogue : Saia PCD® Supervisor

Extract 26-215_B0121 System Catalogue : Saia PCD® Supervisor Saia PCD® Supervisor  & Saia PCD® Supervisor EM

ENG18d .pdf 1.06 MB Download
FRA18d .pdf 1.06 MB Download
GER18d .pdf 1.07 MB Download
ITA18d .pdf 1.06 MB Download

System Catalogue : Saia Visi.Plus

Extract PP26-215_B0122 System Catalogue : Saia Visi.Plus

Saia Visi.Plus | Classic control/management system

ENG16 Archive .pdf 1.05 MB Download
FRA16 Archive .pdf 1.05 MB Download
GER16 Archive .pdf 1.06 MB Download
ITA16 Archive .pdf 1.05 MB Download

System Catalogue : OPC-Server

Extract PP26-215_B0123 System Catalogue : OPC-Server

ENG16 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 0.07 MB Download

System Catalogue : BACeye

Extract PP26-215_B0124 System Catalogue : BACeye

BACnet Explorer

ENG16 .pdf 0.25 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 0.25 MB Download
GER16 .pdf 0.25 MB Download
ITA16 .pdf 0.25 MB Download

System Catalogue : Communication & Interaction

Extract 26-215_B0200 System Catalogue : Communication & Interaction

Communication & Interaction

ENG18 .pdf 6.00 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 6.02 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 6.02 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 6.01 MB Download

System Catalogue : Profibus DP

Extract 26-215_B0255 System Catalogue : Profibus DP

ENG18 .pdf 0.56 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.56 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.56 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.56 MB Download

System Catalogue : BACnet

Extract 26-215_B0261 System Catalogue : BACnet

ENG18 .pdf 0.46 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.47 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.47 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.46 MB Download

System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

Extract PP26-215_B0262 System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

LonWorks® The building automation system field bus

ENG16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
FRA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
GER16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
ITA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download

System Catalogue : Modbus

Extract 26-215_B0262 System Catalogue : Modbus

Modbus with Saia PCD®

ENG18 .pdf 0.54 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.54 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.54 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.54 MB Download

System Catalogue : EIB/KNX

Extract 26-215_B0263 System Catalogue : EIB/KNX


Communication drivers for electrical systems and room automation

ENG18 .pdf 0.14 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.14 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.14 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.14 MB Download

System Catalogue : EnOcean

Extract 26-215_B0264 System Catalogue : EnOcean


Communication driver for wireless sensors and actuators

ENG18 .pdf 0.20 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.20 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.20 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.20 MB Download

System Catalogue : M-Bus

Extract 26-215_B0265 System Catalogue : M-Bus


field bus module for capturing consumption data

ENG18 .pdf 0.40 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.41 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.41 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.40 MB Download

System Catalogue : DALI

Extract 26-215_B0266 System Catalogue : DALI

ENG18 .pdf 0.69 MB Download
FRA16 .pdf 0.69 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.68 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.69 MB Download

System Catalogue : MP Bus

Extract 26-215_B0268 System Catalogue : MP Bus

MP Bus

field bus module for Belimo MP Bus devices

ENG18 .pdf 0.24 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 0.25 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 0.25 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 0.24 MB Download

System Catalogue : S-Web

Extract 26-215_B0300 System Catalogue : S-Web

S-Web Technology

ENG18 .pdf 14.43 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 14.40 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 14.46 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 14.49 MB Download

System Catalogue : Room Automation

Extract 26-215_B0400 System Catalogue : Room Automation

Room automation is a crucial component for room comfort and also reduces operating costs to efficient levels. Energy efficiency therefore plays a vital role along with a comfortable interior temperature and the intuitive operation of the various room functions.

This can be achieved by room automation from SBC.

ENG18 .pdf 2.44 MB Download
FRA18 .pdf 2.45 MB Download
GER18 .pdf 2.45 MB Download
ITA18 .pdf 2.43 MB Download

System Catalogue : PCS1

Extract PP26-215_A0150 System Catalogue : PCS1

System Catalogue
Automation Stations PCS1

DE11 Archive .pdf 0.62 MB Download
EN11 Archive .pdf 0.61 MB Download
FR11 Archive .pdf 0.62 MB Download
IT11 Archive .pdf 0.61 MB Download

System Catalogue : DDC Suite

Extract PP26-215_B0113 System Catalogue : DDC Suite

DE12 Archive .pdf 5.24 MB Download
EN12 Archive .pdf 1.37 MB Download
FR12 Archive .pdf 1.37 MB Download
IT12 Archive .pdf 1.37 MB Download

System Catalogue : PCD3 Overview

Extract PP26-215_Ch6 System Catalogue : PCD3 Overview

DE09 Archive .pdf 0.59 MB Download
EN09 Archive .pdf 0.43 MB Download
FR09 Archive .pdf 0.43 MB Download
IT09 Archive .pdf 0.43 MB Download

Energy Brochure

Brochure PP26-234 Energy Brochure

ENG02 .pdf 7.34 MB Download
FRA02 .pdf 7.35 MB Download
GER02 .pdf 7.35 MB Download
ITA02 .pdf 7.35 MB Download
DUT01 Archive .pdf 5.02 MB Download

Die von Ihnen angeforderte Software / Dokument wird von der Saia-Burgess Controls AG nicht mehr vermarktet und technisch unterstützt. Es handelt sich um eine ältere Software-Version, die lediglich auf bestimmten, mittlerweile nicht mehr im Handel erhältlichen Produkten betrieben werden kann.